Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back From The Internet Dead

Short story:

Life happened in some completely amazing, and completely devastating ways. All in a very short amount of time. I’m still working on recovering from what happened between August 2012 and October 2012, but I’m finally up for blogging again.

In short: I got married. Less than two months later I went through the “worst-case scenario” for a thesis-track grad student: my advisor died before I could defend. I’m (mostly) recovered, and back on the blogging scene.

Long Story (sort of):

  • Got married, family drama – happiest day of my life far and away. Still happily married. Love my Bear.
  • Wrote my M.S. thesis. Then mid-editing and defense prep process, my advisor died of a myocardial infarction. I lost a parent-figure/mentor/boss/friend/colleague in one horrible moment, and was left with a work environment where no one felt comfortable talking to me or about the situation. Thankfully my department decided to support me to degree completion (not always the case.) This put my life and degree on hold for almost a year as I struggled to piece together a lot of stuff emotionally, professionally, and personally. I’m a better person for the experience, but I would not wish it for anyone. It heavily strained my marriage during the first year.
  • Went to Europe. Made some new friends. Finally started to heal.
  • Started running to work off stress/weepiness and found out I love it. Healed some more.
  • Got my M.S. after another round of editing with a new advisor and a successful defense. Woohoo!
  • Started my current job hunt, which remains complicated since my original thesis/grad advisor can’t write recommendation letters from beyond the grave. FML.
  • Mostly crawled out of that emotional hole, and then had to make the awful, awful decision to euthanize our gorgeous elderly cat. Right choice to make, but emotionally tore me up.
  • Have since spent the last five months chilling and decompressing from my grad school experience, as well as working.
 I've got some new stuff queued up, as well as "old" stuff I never posted. Back to the blogging!

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