Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fancy Schmancy Dress Shopping (For reals booby peeps, I need some advice)

Bridal post #2 is on hold while I nose around my digital archives for the promised photos (there is a distinct possibility that between the three hardware and back-up failures I had in the last two years, I lost most of them.) But, this is a related post.

I'm in the market for a bridesmaid dress, technically a MOH dress. Good things: bride wants an approximation of emerald green, no sleeves (it will be August), and knee-ish length. Basically a nice looking green cocktail dress that looks semi-formal. Everything else is up to me. Bad things: my go-to places aren't currently carrying dresses fancy enough or dark green enough to satisfy the dress requirements. For real peeps, St. Patty's day is coming! Where are your greens? Boo. Ivory and white dresses I've found that meet the requirements are not dye-able. Double boo. Dresses I've tried on so far that fit are too short or come strapless. HA. No way, Jose. I need the ladies' hatches battened down and ready for war. This wedding promises to be a rip roaring party! Strapless bras and my full on the bottom, not-so-firm boobies don't intermingle well.

I'm on the fence right now about what to do. Three options remain: 1. Wait it out and hope something appropriately colored and sized is released in the next six months, 2. Buy a conventional dress from a store and tailor it, 3. Sew a new dress. The added complication is financial (when is it not?) and my budget is limited.

None of these options makes me feel at ease. All run a risk of failing spectacularly. Option 1 is most likely to fit without alterations, but I think is best left as a back-up. Although, I am currently waiting out a possible dress candidate from Modcloth. Option 2 is likely to result in a nice dress in the right color, but my previous experience getting a conventionally produced dress altered was negative. I fought the supposedly experienced tailor for every shaped inch of my body. Option 3 is doable, but time consuming. I do sew. I have several beautiful dresses at home I'd love to replicate. But, it makes me nervous to sew something seen so publicly.

From a financial standpoint, Option 1 or 3 is likely to cost the least (probably 3.) Option 2 could work out to be least expensive if I can get a dress secondhand and alter it myself. Oh. That has possibilities. As of right now, I'm tempted to explore all three options. Go out, try on some dresses at bridal stores, keep an eye on Trashy Diva, Pepperberry, Modcloth, etc. in the coming months, and get started on my goal of sewing more.

Thoughts? Advice? Anyone else been in this dilemma? Any emerald green, cocktail length dresses I should see?

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